Ruffo Anthony Ruffo is a Santa Cruz surf legend.  He's been ripping harder and longer than anyone around. More than 25 years ago Ruffo rode NOE surfboards made by my dad, today he is still holding it down riding my boards (and surfing better than ever!).  He has this local knowledge, an uncanny knack for being at the right place at the right time and always scoring the best waves.  If Ruff is out surfing, you know that's the place to be.
Brett Haynes Brett "Boulder" is a bear of a man.  At 6'1" and 240lbs hi rips harder than any heavyweight i have seen.  He was awed with the first board I made him and now years later we have refined his boards and he is loving it.  A sensitive combination of flotation and curves, Brett's boards are just an extension of himself.  Brett's stature and surfing are impressionable where ever he travels.
Nathan McCarthy N8 is a wiry ripper from Marin County.  He also owns and operates Proof Lab Surf and Skate shop in Mill Valley.  Working together we've built a foundation that's working great for Nate and the Lab.  Nate says his last quiver were the best boards he's ever ridden and the entire crew of surf and skate technicians are stoked!  Their shelves are well stocked to fuel the fire.
Chad Underhill-Meras Chad's a young up and comer based in West Side Santa Cruz.  He travels down the coast a lot with family residing in So Cal and Mex.  He has proven he is comfortable in any environment by ripping up and down the coast in the circuit and behind the scenes making friends where ever he goes.
Mike Golder Golder is a quiet and humble guy who's demeanor transcends into his surfing beautifully.  Easily one of the most aesthetically pleasing surfers in the water his surfing is effortless and smooth.  He could have milked a surf career for years but had more important things in mind.  When he's not shredding in the water he is taking care of his family and the public alike as a San Jose Fire Fighter.